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Chaotic Sword God Wikia

Chaotic Force is the strongest energy in the World. It has a highly destructive and corrosive nature, such that an strand of Chaotic Force can wreak havoc on weak bodies or low-grade Items.

The Chaotic Force is a power that belongs to the apex of the cosmos. Forging a single strand of the power will require vast quantities of energy. Let alone a single ten-thousand-year heavenly resource, even ten won’t be enough to refine a single wisp.

In fact, it can only be handled by practitioners of the Chaotic Body, with a purity grade depending on the strength of the body, i.e. the achievement stage. If a bearer of the Chaotic Body is affected by Chaotic Force of exceedingly high purity, his body will be heavily harmed and even destroyed.

Chaotic Force is also created when the Azulet Sword Spirits merge their Yin Yang Qi in the Fusion of the Twin Swords.


There are only 2 ways to cultivate Chaotic Force:

  1. One's body must be tempered by Chaotic Force in-order to accommodate the circulation of Chaotic Energy. This may only be achieved when one uses up a huge amount of resources in transforming one's body into that of a Chaotic Body.

2. Another path, is to be born with an Innate Chaotic Body. Only when one's parents or predecessors is a wielder of Chaotic Force may one be able to be born with this great gift. They are extremely rare since only through serendipity may one's offspring be born.

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